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  • improve your effectiveness
  • reduce your operating costs
  • improve the accuracy of your inventory
  • increase your turns, and motivate your warehouse personnel

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"I wholeheartedly recommend it to any company that is truly interested in maximizing the efficiencies of their warehouse."

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(A Guide For: Selecting, Implementing and Maintaining a Warehouse Management System

This workbook has everything you need to make an informed decision when selecting a WMS (barcode) system to run your warehouse: Cost Justification, Vendor Certification, Project Outline and an Internal Operations Questionnaire. Why spend thousands of dollars on consultants when you can have the most valuable tool your warehouse will ever need.

Customer Reviews

"Many books on the market claim to do a lot of things but this one delivers. Everything we needed: forms, data, evaluations, documentation, etc, was included to ensure our transition from a paper environment to an automated environment. We would have been a statistic without this workbook."

Bill Halliburton
Operations Manager

"In addition to having a good fundamental understanding of how successful warehouses should be run, Rene' understands the science behind WM, slotting and profiling, productivity, organizations strategy, etc. However, his greatest gifts is his ability to effectively communicate with all levels throughout an organization, and most importantly, to serve as a highly effective trainer."

C. Tom Bromley, III

This Place Sucks!
(What your warehouse employees think about your company and how to change their perception.)

Customer Reviews

Your solutions are SO grounded in common sense it's almost frightening. (The story about the 40 shipping companies comes to mind immediately.) You lay out a very clear plan of attack for those leaders/managers who choose to take a hard, honest look at their operation. And, perhaps most importantly, a good leader, no matter what the industry, will see that your points apply across the board.

Cathy Murphy
Editorial Director, Material Handling Magazine

I really liked your book. Treating your staff with respect and giving them a voice is critical in all operations. I liked that you stress the importance of sharing information and providing adequate training at all levels. I truly believe that an organization cannot function properly or efficiently with only top down direction, there has to be free flowing brainstorming with all levels in all directions. I'm happy to say that we try to incorporate a lot of your call-outs here with our staff. Your perspective did open my eyes on a couple of items that I shared with our HR Director--as we discussed your book.


Bill Glenn
Director of Operations

(Inventory Control is Perhaps the Most Powerful Tool You Have for Containing Your Warehousing Costs!)

This is the most comprehensive workbook on the market today. It will help you uncover all of the issues that cause inventory discrepancies and assist you with developing a plan to eliminate those issues. Learn different ways to Cycle Count and understand why you would use one over the other.

Your pickers, receivers, packers and sales people all affect the accuracy of your inventory whether they know it or not. You have to have the right plan to attack and eradicate the process problems and the culture that prevents a higher level of accuracy.

Customer Reviews

We look forward to future opportunities to utilize the "Quality" services and products provided.

Joel Sandberg
Vice-President of Finance

We could not have improved our warehouse operations without the resources provided by your company. Our two warehouses have increased the accuracy of the inventory, become more productive and now utilize our space more efficiently.

Don Raycroft

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