Total Logistics Solutions, Inc. only offers a few services to our customers.

These are not one size fits all approaches to your problems. They care customer tailored to provide understanding, guidance and simple solutions to solve the many different problems that plague your warehouse.

On average, we're able to save our clients up to 3% on their bottom line!

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With all of our services you get:

A 3 year guarantee.

Phone consultation throughout gurantee

Complimentary personal training

A completely customized solution

Our services have helped our customers receive product more efficiently, pick orders more accurately, load trucks and deliver material without shortages.

Contact us to see how our services can help your warehouse.

Services We Offer

WMS System Selection and Implementation

When you have a leak in your pipes do you call a plumber? What about if your car breaks begins making a strange noise do you try to figure out what the noise is? If you are planning to sell your house do you use a realtor? You probably answered, Yes! Yes! Yes! Then why don't you use the same mentality when it comes to your company. The old, "I know my business better then an outsider and there are millions of dollars at stake," Just doesn't cut it! Don't you know your: house, car or neighborhood better than a plumber, mechanic or realtor as well? Total Logistics Solutions, with our selection evaluation, helps you to ensure the system you select will be the one you keep for years to come. Contact your TLS representative today, to see how we can help you.


Warehouse Evaluation

Ever wanted to know what takes place in your warehouse? Ever wondered why you have so many mistakes? Ever wondered why you have so much turnover? Ever wondered if your warehouse was performing the best it could? Contact your TLS representative today, to see how we can evaluate your warehouse and provide you with the answers you have been seeking for years.

Training Programs

How do you train your new employees? Total Logistics Solutions develops the most comprehensive training programs in the industry. They are 100% customized to your needs. The old, "Follow Joe Around" approach to training only works in restaurants. If you would like to find out how our training program can improve your warehouse, contact your TLS representative today.


Inventory Management

How accurate is your inventory: 90% accurate, 80% accurate, 70% accurate not 60% accurate! The profitability of your company rests on your ability to turn inventory into cash. The more turns you have the more profitable you will be. Have you ever wondered what happens to your inventory once it arrives and your warehouse personnel can't find it? If so, contact your TLS representative today to find out how we can help you find the cash your warehouse keeps losing.


Are you thinking of ISO? Maybe you need to implement some new technology or processes in your warehouse? Who will document your procedures to ensure your new strategy is thoroughly followed? Total Logistics Solutions helps you to remove the guess work from your processes and procedures by documenting them completely. If you are about to document your processes or, have been working on them already and are not making any progress, contact your TLS representative today.

Relocation Assistance

The more orderly your distribution center the fluid your processes will flow. Does that sound like a simple statement? Everyone knows it, but it is rarely followed. If your shipping area is not organized, isn't it obvious that you will have shipping errors? If your packaging area is cluttered, can't you expect orders to get mixed up and sent to the wrong customers? Or, if your shelving and product are not kept neat and clean, wont you have inventory problems? Does this mean if you correct these problems you won't have to move into a new facility? Of course not! You are relocating for more than just the obvious reasons. But will you address the obvious reasons or will they become problems in the new facility as well? Contact your TLS representative today, to see how our "Cuber" can eliminate your space problems.

Lets us help you add as much as 3% to your bottom line in inventory savings.