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Past Newsletters

Issue 1-6
"Is Your Warehouse Really Worth It?"
Abstract: Supply Chain Management is the current buzzword floating around these days. It has everyone talking about integrating their internal processes, with their vendor's internal processes, then with their customer's processes. And if all that fails, "Reverse Logistics," a fancy term for efficiently processing returns, is what you would do to get the product back. But when we look at our supply chains, the vendors are not always on the same page as the distributor, let alone the customer. Who is sometimes in a totally different book.  ordering.

Issue 1-7
Training in your warehouse!
One of the most difficult tasks to implement is a good training program. Especially in a warehouse! With high turnover, lack of interest, and what looks like no return on your investment, is it really worth it?

Issue 1-8
Are you standing in acres of diamonds?
Training, the necessary evil! When you do it you have problems and when you don't do it you have more problems. There are companies out there that will tell you they have mastered it, but have you ever visited or worked for one of these companies? They are like movie stars; you just don't see them face-to-face that often.

ITEM 1-9
The Frog and the Warehouse
Contrary to what you may be thinking, this is not a story about how a warehouse turns into a prince. This is a story about the year two thousand. Or more commonly referred to as "Y2K"! But before you turn the page or put this article down, because you've heard all you can take about this "Y2K" thing, hear me out. This one is specifically about your warehouse.

ITEM 1-10
Selecting a Carrier That Fits!
Carriers are not as lenient as they used to be, a notification or single shipment charge is now the norm. Freight classification is now something that is being scrutinized by the carriers. Which causes shippers to wonder why they are being re-billed for their freight? Because the product is not being classified correctly.